Online Traders’ Registration, Renewals, Returns Filling, RCMC & GSP Certification Activities

  1. All the activities relating to traders with the board are possible through the Online system and no manual procedure will be considered except for reconsideration of registrations. expenses etc.

  2. Online System is available for traders for accessing various activities on 24*7 basis.

  3. Each trader/company is allowed to submit only one application per category per year for obtaining fresh or renewal of registration with Tobacco Board.
  4. Traders’ are allowed to apply under all categories for the same company to obtain registration provided they fulfill the criteria laid down as per registration policy for the applicable year.

  5. Scanned copies of all document requested for the registration are to be uploaded in the online system.

  6. All the payment/s related to registration will be auto generated by the system and trader may chose the mode of payment by Online (Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking etc) or Offline (Demand Draft Only)

  7. Traders opting for offline payment needs to submit the original Demand Draft which they have uploaded during the registration to the Board. Application of a trader who fails to submit the DD will not be taken up for further process.

  8. Traders’ are required to submit the Acknowledgment/Self Declaration letter to Board, received after successful completion of application submission. No complaints on non- receipt of Acknowledgment letter or conformation mail will be entertained by Tobacco Board, if a trader fails to submit the acknowledgment letter.

  9. Trader needs to respond to any notification sent by the board within 30 days from the date of letter.

  10. If any information is received beyond the grace period of 30 days after notification letter, the application is liable for rejection according to the Registration policy for the year. Further details regarding levy of late response penalty, etc., which can be seen from our website

  11. In the event of a trader applying for registration/renewal for the same company under two different categories, both applications will be treated as separate registrations and all the requisite documents are to be uploaded separately by them even if the application are submitted by the same company for the same year.

  12. Registration will be granted / confirmed by Tobacco Board on scrutinizing of application and verification of the documents along with the payment made.

  13. If application is found defective / documents are not found in order, the trader will be notified and the non responsive applicant will be rejected grant of registration and the amount paid by the trader would be refunded after adjusting penalties(if any) and postal expenses along with a dues intimation letter.

  14. On successful verification of the application, trader will be granted registration for the year.

  15. Any change in the application is not allowed (unless notified) once it submitted to the board.

  16. All returns have to be submitted before applying for the registration of particular year and any Late return penalties due shall be paid.

  17. Returns needs to be submitted on monthly basis for categories Exporter of Tobacco, Exporter of Products, Packers, Manufacturer, Processors failing which late returns penalty will be calculated by the system.

  18. Dealers can additionally submit quarterly returns, failing to which late return penalty will be calculated by the system.

  19. Commercial graders needs to submit fortnightly returns, failing to which late return penalty will be calculated by the system.

  20. The penalty calculated for all kinds of returns is as per the Registration policy formulated for that particular registration year.

  21. Traders are request to submit all returns as per their category within time to avoid any late return penalty. Non submission of returns or requests for change in the late returns fee calculated as per the system will not be entertained by the board, if the trader fails to submit the returns within the period.

  22. Tobacco Board will not be responsible for any delays due to traders’ non responsiveness or late submissions and no claims whatsoever shall be entertained in this regard.